Board Leadership

Module 2: Foundations of Board Leadership and Governance {Overview}

Boards function to govern scarce resources in communities. Therefore, boards influence investments in economic development projects in communities, or across a region. Often times boards have conflict, lack organizational abilities or simply do not know their respective roles to govern effectively. This 1 to 2 hour workshop provides board leaders with several research-based best practices that can be implemented to improve the organizational and team performance aspects of board service. In this module, board members learn how to mitigate the risks of adverse selection (recruiting the wrong members) and moral hazard (manage a poorly performing member after recruitment). Through interactive exercises and the use of case studies, board leaders learn their respective roles, how to build trust among members and how to perform their duties with integrity. Agricultural cooperatives, rural health organizations, industrial development and recruitment organizations, faith-based and non-profits of any type can benefit from this training.